Here is a list of the best sewing machines that is value for your money

What is the criterion for choosing what the best sewing machines are for you?
The criteria can be different for everyone. If you are someone who has been consistently at the machine then you are probably looking for n upgrade from what you already own. You may also want to have one upgraded version as a stand-by in case your only machine breaks down when you have a professional order to fulfill and you don't want to cut a sorry figure. Or it may be that you want to enhance your skill by learning to do a little more to be able to have a prospect of earning little more.

Machines can also be for the beginners:
Say, there is someone who is just beginning on the sewing machine. He or she wants to take baby steps into the lovely hobby but does not know exactly what machine is good for her. it is important that in order to be able to clinch the right deal and to be able to buy the right machine a little knowledge about sewing and the nuances of working on the sewing machine is absolutely essential. So, if you are a beginner and want to buy the best sewing machine to practice, we would recommend that you take introductory classes on sewing and make sure that you at least know the basic of sewing so that you are able to make an informed choice.

Also, a small class before buying the costly machine can prove useful in knowing whether you have the aptitude at all. Because investing in a machine in thousands can be a daunting thing when you realize that probably you are not cut out for it! Here is a list of the best buys in sewing machines in the market today. Be sure about the fact that in order to create this recommendatory list we have tested scores of sewing machines in the market and every detail given here is physically verified and creditable.


Brother SE400


This combo of sewing as well as embroidery machine is one of the best buys in our list. The fact is that this machine can give you best of both the worlds. One is that it can give a list of high end features and the ability to make fashionable stitches and the other is that it is perfectly light in the wallet at $329 only. Around 70 inbuilt stitches and an equally impressive number of embroidery options make this combo machine a must have. It is the perfect companion to churn out DIY projects right from the comfort of your living room.


Janome Magnolia 7318



Strong and flexible are the two adjectives that perfect describe this machine. This powerful and reliable machine is going to be an asset to your work table because of its four step buttonhole technology and highly proficient working system. The magnolia is perfect for beginners as it allows the person to choose a particular stitch only by turning the dial and setting it right away. Also the big work panel allows the person to see what the design is before the embroidery is done. The machine takes only a little space on the work table and is also an eye candy to look at.


it will show you how the stitch would look exactly when done on the material. The buttonhole is an eight step style and the needle threading is completely automatic. The bobbin quick sets with automatic drop in facility. There is a big space in the machine for storage of stitching paraphernalia and the machine comes equipped with a polymer good quality case to save itself from dust and lint. The case also has a handle which makes it ideal to cover it and carry it around. The best and the most crucial part of the features is that the company gives out a twenty five year old warranty and it has garnered an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5 on all major online sites.

Brother XR9500PRW reviews – project:


This one is a runaway success with a whopping hundred built in stitches. The machine is absolutely value for money. One cannot only do sewing projects but a number of craft DIY and other embellishment projects can be undertaken. The machine has already garnered a lot of appreciation from people who have used this machine and refuse to buy anything else. There was also a big demand for this machine during the holiday season when it made for an ideal gifting option. The best part about this machine is that it is suitable for people of all levels of skills. The beginners with minimum level of skill can also start un-boxing and using it. The automatic features are excellent for people who want to use it for making dresses and other crafts professionally. The machine has a LCD screen for selection of stitches which means that when you choose a particular stitch.


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