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Have you ever wanted to buy a sewing machine but were lost on the choices?


If you have ever been in a conundrum about the best buy for you when it comes to the right sewing machine for you then you have arrived at the right place. For the last ten years, we have undertaken something that when we started was unheard of. We were the pioneers in the field of reviewing of sewing machines. And this need arose from an in house requirement because we were setting up of a tailoring unit of hundred workers and we did not know ourselves which is the best buy for us.


The research is highly credible because the information was collected for personal use:


The information and research on the website is highly credible and is honest to the core because as already explained the data has been gathered for a private usage. Therefore there is no way that the facts could have been fabricated or twisted. As a policy, we only allow only honest reviews by volunteers who can prove beyond reasonable doubt that they have actually and physically reviewed the machines themselves and the review is also written by them in their own words. 



No endorsement allowed on the website:


The website does not run any ad-sense type of software nor does it allow the dealers of sewing machines to post their advertisements unsolicited for fear of being recommended by us. We only invite people who use the machine to write their own testimonials and experiences and we manage the upkeep and maintenance of the site by marking a little margin out of our main business of trading in sewing machines.


So, you know the reviews on the site are nothing but the truth:


Next time you get on to our website you will know that the information on the site is completely authentic and nothing lesser than the truth.


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